Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Songs of 2007

A quick note on the list that follows: I purposefully avoided repeating songs from artists that appeared in my top album list, since it seemed obvious that most of the best songs of the year would come from the best albums. Still, there were a good number of tunes that came from artists whose albums I didn't care for as a whole, and it seemed worth highlighting those accomplishments. So without further ado, a list of notable songs in 2007:

1) LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends". Download at Distortion Disco
A notable exception to the above rule, since this is such a remarkable song and "Someone Great" would probably just follow it on any list of the year's best songs. With little more than a simple piano chord and a great sense of timing, "All My Friends" conveys a variety of emotions, culminating in a chorus that is at once exhilarating and heartrending.

2) Battles - "Atlas".
The novelty of Battles' math rock runs thin after a few listens of their album Mirrored, but the power of this song endures. I think the fact that I don't really know what they are singing actually makes it better.

3) Animal Collective - "Peacebone". Download at Obscure Sound.
This fits with the previous song in terms of my astonishment over how many different sounds can be used to make something so musical. It's the epitome of Animal Collective's strengths as a band.

4) M.I.A - "Paper Planes". Download at Hipster Runoff
I enjoyed Kala, MIA's new album, just fine, but I didn't find myself returning to it. I did, however, register way too many listens of this song.

5) UGK (feat. Outkast) - "Int'l Players' Anthem". Download at Audioversity
Best hip-hop song of the year. Figures Outkast would be involved.

6) Rogue Wave - "Like I Needed". Download at My Old Kentucky Blog
If the second half of Rogue Wave's latest album had been as much fun as the first, it likely would have made my top 25 list. Instead, it kind of fell apart. That doesn't detract from this song, which is totally addictive and in keeping with the band's sunny, California rock sound.

7) The Redwalls - "Summer Romance". Download at Carl Sandburg Visits Me In a Dream
This Chicago-based band came back with an excellent garage rock album this year. This was the best track off it.

8) Rilo Kiley - "Silver Lining". Download at The Pop Cop
I thought Rilo Kiley's last album was a huge disappointment, right along with Bloc Party and The Hives' latest in terms of sub-par albums by bands I normally like. Still, the opening song on the album is one of the best they've done.

9) Electric Six - "Down at McDonelzz". Download at Nine Bullets
I think a lot of people assume that most of what Electric Six does is just shtick. That may be true, but sometimes they produce inspired songs that are hilarious and catchy. This is a new high point for them.

10) Ashlee Simpson - "Outta My Head". Okay, hear me out on this one -- the beat is really catchy. That's actually all I've got. I'm happy to give all the credit to Timbaland, cause that way i can feel better about liking a song by a Simpson.


  1. please, please, please make sure to link to the websites/blogs from which you're taking these mp3s! Bandwidth isn't cheap! "Summer Romance" is a great song, but I wish you would also link to my blog if you're going to leech my bandwidth.
    Thank you,

  2. Benji,

    That's an entirely fair point and my apologies for not being more considerate. I intended this blog for a very small group of people, so I didn't think linking straight to the music would cause that much strain on anyone's bandwidth. But you're right that it's not fair to link to the music without the accompanying content. I've corrected it on this post (and will do it on the other one when i get a chance).